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I’m a recovering corporate sales manager having spent the majority of my career in Educational publishing and EdTech.   

I've lived all over the country and seen every state - sans North Dakota.  My roots are in Oklahoma as are my values.  Honest. Direct. Self aware. And don't suffer bullshit well.  

I love learning.  Although I didn't fully appreciate it until later in life.  Swim. Ski. Photography. Heavy machinery. And now, website design. No comments.  

The first blog - Origins - details how LoaF -  Less of a Fuck - began.  Mom taught me to finish what I started and honor commitments so "not giving a fuck" was rarely, if ever,  an option.  Giving Less of a Fuck seemed to make sense.

LoaF- Less of a Fuck - is a Mindset. The harder you hang onto something - relationship, ideology, golf club - the more likely you are to fail.  It's hindsight before action.  

The mission is to provide you - our customer - with an outstanding experience whether its with our merchandise, through the blog or on the forum. 


Enjoy and contact me with feedback or questions.  

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